Visit in Ruda Slaska : program

Comenius program of 15 to 19 may 2013


Dimitris arrives-21.55 Krakow


Belgium arrives 10.50 Krakow ,12.30- Ruda Slaska (3 teachers, 6 children)

13.00-  lunch  at school  (Belgium, Greece)

France arrives 13.10 Krakow, 14.30- Ruda Slaska ( 2 teachers, 4 children)

15.00- Visiting Botanical  Garden in Zabrze  ( Greece, Belgium, France)

Spain arrives 17.45 Krakow,( 3 teachers)  Italy- 18.15 Krakow (6 teachers, 1 mother, 6 children)

20.00-  dinner at Parkowa Restaurant-  all together


Sport  Day

9.00-  meet at the school

Going to sport hall with a Coal Mine Orchestra (Students dressed in national colours)

10.00- 13.00  Sport activities at sport hall

13.30- lunch at school

15.00-  visiting historical  coal mine “Guido”

19.00- dinner at traditional Silesian restaurant “Rajcula”  (


10.00-11.30- welcome ceremony  at school with local representatives

11.30-  coffee and snack at school

12.30-  guided walk around school prepared by students

13.15- lunch at school

14.00- Comenius students- art lesson

              Comenius teachers-  meeting ( summary, evaluation)

15.00- Visit to Silesian Botanical Garden

17.00-  shopping and dinner in Silesia Shopping Centre


10.00- A  day  trip  to Krakow

12.30- Lunch in Krakow

20.00-  Farewell party  at school



Menu for the restaurant “Rajcula”:

Adults: traditional Silesian dish+ soft drinks, coffee, cake- 50 zl

Children: chicken, chips, salad, soft drinks, ice cream-30zl

All lunches at school , trips to Krakow and coal mine are  free for you.

Farewell party too.

On Sport Day, all students will be dressed in national colours of your countries.

You can also prepare, e.g. for  Italian- green, white and red, for France- blue, white and red,, and so on…

In Parkowa restaurant  you can choose what to eat from the menu-  (but for Thierry there is a lot of cabbage and a duck!)

Remember-  in Poland the currency is zloty, not euro!!!  Sorry for that!     (4 Zloty more or less 1€)